About us

Amaya “Stands Tall” Thomas, Chief of Operations for Lenape, Inc, a member of the Wichita Nation of Oklahoma, Stands Tall’s current role allows her to utilize leadership skills gained from years of competitive softball, where her determination and dedication lead to an invitation to try out for the Olympics.  With an eye for detail and beauty, Stands Tall brings to Lenape a vision for the future and a competitive edge in the market.


Daniel “Strong Walker” Thomas,
Brand Chief of Lenape, Inc, is an enrolled member in the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma and member of the General Council. Raised by his Grandmother and later adopted into an amazing and supportive family, Strong Walker has been a serial entrepreneur, creating companies in various industries including real estate development and publishing. Daniel “Strong Walker Thomas” was voted in by the Boston indigenous community to be a member of the board of Directors for the North American Indian Center of Boston. “I see Lenape, inc as the company i always wanted to be apart of. Its great to have a product that is built to last and to discover the stories behind the people who depend on our creations.”


His Grandfather Arthur Thomas, truly a man of The People, served proudly as Chief of the Delaware Nation for 14 years and will be remembered for his influence on the current organization and recognition of the tribe.